Concept Strengths

Attila Mongolian Grill Experience

For your first dining experience at Attila Mongolian Grill your senses will become enticed at the bright contemporary decor, the artistic lighting, the clean crisp modern design, our massive 8 foot round grill, our stadium-like preparation area, and our inviting buffet style produce bar. Your mouth begins to water as you watch fresh beef, lamb, chicken, seafood and fresh vegetables being expertly prepared by our Master Grillers. Your own unique and individual creation sizzles on the grill, sending a rush of well seasoned steam skyward, filling the air with a heart stopping aroma that pleases all senses as you watch our Master Grillers put the finishing touches on your feast.


Freshness You Can See and Taste

In today’s Fast Casual dining segment, Fast, Fresh and Healthy, the cornerstones of “Fast Casual” fare, seem to be convenient advertising messages, rather than substantiated claims. To this end, Attila Mongolian Grill is truly unique. Fresh raw cut vegetables prepared daily, butcher quality lean meats, luscious seafood, no deep fry, no grease, no lard and no pre-cooked preparations. Every meal we serve is cooked to perfection right in front of the customer. The freshest available ingredients straight from the customeris bowl, to the grill, and to the plate in just 5 minutes! Now that’s Fast, that’s Fresh, and that’s Healthy.

Proven System

Franchising with the Attila Mongolian Grill is a great way to become part of the fast casual dining industry. Our franchisees benefit from a system that has already proved to deliver better value for every operating dollar-a system that has undergone five years of fine-tuning. Additionally, the Attila Mongolian Grill corporate staff continues to look for new ways to grow and to develop systems that ensure each franchisee is receiving the best support and most up-to-date information on where we’re headed as a company.

Franchise Support

Attila Mongolian Grill Will Help You Secure A Prime Retail Location

In today’s specialized dining market, and with the proliferation of “Themed Restaurants”, Consumers have more dining options than ever before. Retailers and property owners are also feeling the pressure to provide the public with creative dining options that draw crowds. On the other hand, the options seem to be endless. But a closer look often reveals a curious pattern. Whether it is a free standing location or a retail mall food court, the options are often the same: Chinese fare, Mexican Food, Burgers and Sand­ wiches, BBQ Style Grills, or Pizza and Italian Food. That’s it. You can slice it, dice it, and put a fancy bow on it, but it is basically all the same and often very predictable. Consumers want options, and they demand choice. By adding Attila’s Mongolian Grill to an existing food court, retailers will greatly enhance the diversity of the food court by creating another dining option for their customers.

Store Design Support

Attila Mongolian grill has qualified consultants and architects with ample experience in designing layouts for over thousand operating food franchises. This extremely qualified team developed our Attila Mongolian Grill standards and is best qualified to determine the viability of a certain location. They will work closely with your Architects and Engineers, providing them with designs and details to assist in completing a full set of drawings for your Attila Mongolian grill build-out. Additionally, our qualified team will work closely with your general contractor and Attila Mongolian Grill suppliers to ensure that your building process is completed efficiently and according to our standards and in a timely manner.

Site Selection Assistance

The Attila Mongolian Grill Development Team will assist each area developer I franchisee during the Site Selection process. Our expertise is in knowing what factors determine the success of an Attila Mongolian Grill. These factors include location of Malls, visibility in food courts and proximity to movie theatres and other recreational Mall activities. We combine our expertise with the area / franchisee’s knowledge of the area to determine whether an Attila Mongolian Grill will be successful and profitable in a certain area.

Here is some of the assistance we provide

• Site Selection Assistance
• Architecture Plans
• Interior Design
• Health Department
• Equipment Layout

• Preferred Equipment Vendors
• Employee Training on all Aspects
• Onsite Training on first two weeks of opening
• Marketing
• Ongoing Assistance

Training Program

Full Training

Attila Mongolian Grill offers world-class training to all of our area developers and franchisees. Before a store opens for business, we ask our new area developers/ franchisees to participate in our Franchisee Training Program, at one of our Training Centers. The program is a seven-days course presented by a qualified, trained instructor who covers essential topics for operating and maintaining an Attila Mongolian grill restaurant to corporate standards. Franchisees split their time between training in the classroom and in a live restaurant.
Franchisees also work approximately 36 hours behind the counter in an operating Attila Mongolian Grill restau­rant. Here they learn proper food preparation and organization, inventory tracking, product ordering/receiving from authorized suppliers, effective employee management, store maintenance and exceptional customer service techniques. As part of our support our training team will be on site for the first week during grand opening.
Our staff with over 30 years of combined experience with the Mongolian Grill Concept and in the restaurant business will train your employees in all aspects of the operation of a Mongolian Grill Restaurant.

• Management
• Customer Service
• Food & Sauce Preparation
• Health & Safety Laws
• Cooking

• Restaurant Opening
• Restaurant Closing
• Food Costs
• Ordering
• Inspection of Deliveries

Always Behind You

For our company to prosper, our area developers /franchisees must be happy and successful. To help ensure your success, we offer exceptional, ongoing operation support that’s just a phone call or email away.
Each Attila Mongolian Grill area developer is assigned his/her own Regional Support Specialist who is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to provide assistance with matters such as controlling food and labor costs, working with suppliers and creating successful marketing strategies. Support Specialists also attend the opening of every store in order to help train employees and explore effective ways to market the franchisee’s particular area.
Additionally, our Support Specialists periodically visit store locations in their regions to evaluate strengths and weaknesses and identify where franchisees should focus their efforts. It’s the best way to keep a store tracking toward success.

Marketing Assistance

Attila Mongolian Grill invests a portion of all franchising dollars into marketing efforts that help support brand awareness and build foot traffic in your stores. Through a private corporate web site, we make available to franchisees a wide collection of professionally designed materials, many of which can be customized and printed on demand. You will find promotional coupons, brochures, flyers, direct mail offerings, in-store signage and more, including step-by-step instructions and materials for a successful grand opening.

Available Territories

  1. Saudi Arabia
  2. U.A.E.
  3. Qatar (Franchise Area Development Awarded)
  4. Bahrain
  5. Kuwait (Franchise Area Development Awarded)
  6. Oman
  7. Syria (Franchise Area Development Awarded)
  8. Libya
  9. Jordan
  10. Lebanon (Franchise Area Development Awarded)
  11. Egypt
  12. Libya
  13. Tunisia
  14. Algeria
  15. Morocco
  16. Cyprus