We're crazy about pizza.

Piizalian, a division of Hot City Bakery, Inc., started in 1989 when a group of friends turned their passion for pizza into a business we’re still crazy about. We’ve evolved quite a bit since those first days when we focused solely on custom dough for a handful of customers. Over the course of several years, we expanded our expertise to answer customer requests for self-rising and par-baked crusts, and frozen dough balls.

Today, Piizalian is the supplier of choice for restaurants, food service and manufacturers across the country, offering a full line of remarkably good pizza doughs – so good, in fact, that customers confidently stake their reputations on them.

Our Promise

Consistent. Convenient. Cost-effective. You never have to wonder what to expect from Piizalian products because we work hard to make sure they perform to very high standards – and taste delicious – order after order after order.

We manufacture with precision, and that means you get consistent product size, weight and performance every time
We operate in accordance with strict food safety guidelines to ensure a quality product.



Our Talented Chefs

We guarantee


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