Mr. Mohamed El-Waylly is an executive with 25 years of successful experience building the Middle East market and generating record profitability in this highly commutative region. He has an extensive track record in new concept launching , market development and in creating significant market presence. Mr. ElWaylly has proven capabilities to identify and explore business opportunities and establish and maintain market share. He is the AMG concept developer and menu creator. He single-handedly put together the AMG restaurant vision  and placed it under  the Group umbrella . Mr. El-Waylly is the President of Al-Khayrat International USA Inc  that specializes in the supply of center of the plate ingredients to restaurant chains in the MENA region. He is a specialist in poultry and meat export to the Gulf and has worked with South American based producers to customize products for our markets, including formulation, cuts, sizes and Halal certification. Mr. El-Waylly has lived and worked extensively both in South and North America as well as in the Gulf region. He has over 25 years of experience behind him and has developed a network of distributors and operators in every MENA market. Mohammed brings a wealth of market and product knowledge to our franchisees.

Management Team
Mr. Mohamed El Waylly, Director of International Franchising Operations
Mr. Joe Sauma Financial Manager
Francorp Franchise Consultant